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Youth Programs resources and activities

The resources below are intended for teachers, parents, other youth leaders and student groups to use with youth.

Individual or group games and activities

Build a model Habitat for Humanity house (.pdf)
Build a model Habitat for Humanity two-bedroom house using this free downloadable activity and an empty cereal box.

Card creation kit
Young people can use the resources in this kit to make cards for donors, homeowners and volunteers, as well as friends and family. Download instructions and templates.

Habitat Bingo (.zip)
Habitat for Humanity Bingo features tools for a fun twist on a classic game. Download the .zip file for instructions and cards.

Hands-on building activities for youth
Do you have youth under age 16 who want to do some hands-on building? Check out these step-by-step directions for individuals or groups to do with the help of an adult.

Group activities

Welcome home housing simulation (.pdf)
Using the welcome home housing simulation, groups of teens role-play as homeless individuals who must seek adequate and affordable housing in relation to their different situations. Participants learn about different aspects of housing assistance, such as applying for a lease and Section 8.

Lesson plans and programs

Classroom lessons
Teach students about housing issues around the world with complete classroom lesson sets. Lessons in a variety of subjects are included for elementary, middle and high school students.

Family activities

Families can use these activities to learn how decent, affordable and efficient homes affect people’s lives.

  • Homes and kids (.pdf)
    Learn how decent, affordable homes affect children’s daily lives. Grade level: elementary school.
  • Save energy at home (.pdf)
    Learn why it is important to save energy and how families can help save energy—and money—at home. Grade level: elementary school.
  • Building our home (.pdf)
    Learn about the materials and types of labor that create a home. Grade level: middle school.
  • Healthy homes (.pdf)
    Learn how clean, decent homes affect people’s health. Grade level: middle school.

Youth group activities

Youth and service groups can use these activities to learn about global housing needs and to develop an understanding of the role they play in their own communities.

  • We’re all connected (.pdf)
    The group will learn about the importance of supporting the housing needs of people around the world. Grade level: middle school.
  • A global issue (.pdf)
    The group will learn about the scale, causes and effects of substandard housing around the world, and how they can help solve the problem. Grade level: high school.
  • Educational Activity Guide (.pdf)
    The Educational Activity Guide provides new opportunities for young people in the Habitat community to learn more about our ministry and how they can impact the world. Find detailed instructions for a variety of discussions and activities that explore leadership, teamwork, poverty and diversity in relationship to Habitat for Humanity, and use the “Act as an Affiliate” activity to explore how Habitat serves communities.
  • Helping Hands for Habitat (.pdf)
    A service-learning program designed for students of all ages. The program challenges youth to raise money for their local Habitat for Humanity affiliate.
  • Paper house campaign
    Children of all ages can speak out against substandard housing. The paper house campaign lets youth as young as 5 communicate their concerns to their local lawmakers.
  • Service Learning Guide (.pdf)
    Habitat for Humanity is an excellent way to get your classroom involved in a service learning activity. Our Service Learning Guide can give you some tips on working with your local affiliate to set up a service learning project with Habitat for Humanity.

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